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These pages are dedicated to public relations with our wish to establish and earn mutual trust and understanding.
We wish to cherish good practice in communication, which means providing relevant information to the public in a professional and responsible manner.
If you are a journalist, or you have a question regarding our communication with the outside world, you can address the question to the persons stated in the section called Media contacts.
We shall try to provide the information about our work results, novelties and modernizations in our company continuously, so that the public should be acquainted with our mission and strategic goals in the best possible manner, as well as with the pace of their realization.
All information about the most important activities are presented in an reasonable and demonstrative form, via announcements, news on our web portal, press conferences and various other ways.

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Elixir Group is a business system based on the principles of best business practice - the application of modern technology solutions , professional and motivated employees and continuous investment in production and expansion of the range of products and services.

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