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Business System "Elixir Group" its tradition in business, as well as the future, based on the selection and engagement of highly professional, moral and ethical staff and their continuing professional development.
Human capital management policy based on the principle of providing equal opportunities to all candidates, excluding any form of discrimination, deciding on Employment of candidates solely on the basis of their qualifications and competence, as well as to monitor the performance of staff. In our highly dynamic work environment, based on defined business and ethical standards of work and behavior, as well as core values ​​stand out teamwork, mutual respect and appreciation of knowledge, experience and diversity, motivation of employees, as well as individual potential synergies with the interests of all companies in part of our business system. If you are willing to accept that system of values, to develop their talents and direct them towards the realization of a common set of business objectives, while at the enthusiasm, faith in success, perseverance, join us and become part of the team that NATURAL PARTNER TO NATURE! Application for Employment fill HERE

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Elixir Group is a business system based on the principles of best business practice - the application of modern technology solutions , professional and motivated employees and continuous investment in production and expansion of the range of products and services.

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