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Elixir Group and Humane Heart of Sabac received gratitude for the contribution of philanthropy

Elixir Group and Humane Heart Sabac received letter of thanks for their contribution to philanthropy in 2015. In the competition for the most prestigious award for social responsibility and philanthropy among very strong competitors, we have been nominated for the award for the top socially responsible company, traditionally awarded by Trag foundation: " This year we begin awarding a prize for the long-term partnership between business and nonprofit sector.

In this category we reward and highlight successfully designed and long-term partnership with the civil society organisations in order to solve a serious social problem. This partnership mainly involves inter-sectoral cooperation, joint efforts and action to solve problems. Luckily this year we, like previous ones, in this category received the largest number of applications. The nominees were following companies:

    •    Telekom Serbia a.d in partnership with the Mathematical High School /
    •    GlaxoSmithKline Export Ltd in partnership with BelHospice /
    •    Gomex Ltd. in partnership with the SOS phone Vojvodina /
    •    VIP Mobile in partnership with the organisation of inter-generational cooperation + 35 /
    •    Delta Holding d.o.o in partnership with the Association of women "Save the Village" from Priboj /
    •    Telenor d.o.o in partnership with UNICEF /
    •    Elixir group d.o.o partnership with the Foundation for Humane Heart Sabac /
    •    Crystal Derma d.o.o in partnership with the Association for Support to MNRO Zvezdara
    •    and Coca Cola Hellenic Serbia in partnership with the Food Bank "

According to the votes of the jury highest number of points won:

Elixir Group Ltd. which was nominated for a partnership with the Foundation Humane Heart from Sabac. This partnership allowed the stable functioning of the Foundation and the achievement of its mission. Elixir Group has participated in the realisation of the objectives of the Foundation - from the construction and renovation of residential buildings intended for social threatened families to purchases of humanitarian aid. In addition, Elixir Group has supported the creation of social enterprises Foundation, which employs 20 workers, and provides funding for the Foundation in the coming years.

Delta Holding doo which was nominated for a partnership with the Association of women "Save the Village" from Priboj, achieved through the program "For now for the future." Thanks to this program, women from Priboj were given the opportunity to their work and engaging an income and thus affect its own independence and a better standard of their families.

GlaxoSmithKline LTD was nominated by BELhospice for their ten-year partnership that has crowned PULS program that is carried out for 2 years. Within this program, GSK enables its employees to a period of 6 months volunteering in BELhospice. During his six-month stay, GSK volunteers help BELhospice to maintain the strategic focus and gain the skills necessary for their work. One of the most important results of PULSE is the creation of a strategic plan for the launch of the capital fundraising campaign for the construction of the first stationary hospice in Serbia as well as strategies for the implementation of palliative care in cities across Serbia through the satellite program similar concept BELhospice center.

Nomination Elixir Group

1. Briefly describe the main aspects of corporate social responsibility of your company
Since we are mostly chemical industry, we take care of meeting all standards for the protection of employees and environment protection purchase of modern equipment and the introduction of procedures prescribed by European Union standards. The attitude towards employees upholding high standards when it comes to their protection, regular salaries, social intervention whenever necessary. Aside that, Elixir Group completed a large national job cleaning the two dumps of pyrite burns that have historically formed from the sixties in Sabac and in Kladovo which were two environmental black spots mapped in the European charts. We support organisations that deal with social protection to help healthcare institutions, amateur sports associations, etc. as well as social entrepreneurship. Beside the company, employees regularly participate in this activities as well.
2. What specific actions have you taken in the field of socially responsible business in the past year? What were the results of these activities?

Aid for social, health, sports initiative Institutions such as the Humane Heart Foundation Sabac, Small and Big people, B92 Fund, various amateur sports associations, complete detoxifying of an great historical dumps pyrite burns in Sabac (such as whole-exported to China).


1. With a non-profit organization that partner nominated company / enterprise cooperate?

Array of activities of Humane Heart Foundation Sabac complements with the work of the institutions of the system. Thanks to its diversity and professional management it is easier for the companies such as Elixir to effectively contribute to the realisation of the mission of the Foundation as well as socially responsible concept and strategy of the company.
2. How does the partnership with the NGO look like?

In addition to financial resources, Elixir Group donates all of its services, from people volunteering from company management, accounting services, legal advice, through common service providers, fleet ... all employees of Elixir donate their work. The company's goal is to benefit the community, effective and reliable service employees and activists of the foundation. The target group dominantly are the most vulnerable, children, the elderly, the sick, orphans, etc.
3. How long does the partnership last?

Since the establishment of the Foundation in 2009.
4. What are the benefits for the organisation of civil society from this partnership?

We have enabled stable operation, covering the operational costs of the foundation including the use of space, staff salaries and other expenses. We have enabled the realisation of the mission of the Foundation and a significant part of projects run by this foundation in the municipality of Sabac and beyond. We enable the Foundation to operate without worrying about whether it will be able to find money in other ways from other institutions. This is a form of endowments, and will continue to work not only in the coming years and decades but more. Elixir is assigned its own stretched to create a social enterprise for the production of souvenirs and printing industry, which now employs 20 workers who could not find work because of various handicaps. The human heart is established and maintained, and a living room for children with disabilities. The Foundation is actively involved in aiding and asylum seekers who come from Syria and other countries. However the biggest benefit has the community because the work of the Foundation complements the activities of state institutions.

5. How is the partnership will benefit to nominated company?

The Company has no interest to have any benefit from this engagement, we are guided exclusively with empathy and desire to help. Internal informing employees are informed, in the same way and included in the action.
6. What progress has been made in solving the problems / needs where partners work?

Stable operation of the Foundation. Stable and fast troubleshooting detected by the Foundation, whether it comes from individual cases or from participation in solving some of the wider problems. The continuity in the social assistance, care for those who are covered by the actions of assistance does not end come ad hoc, but takes a while to overcome the crisis or solve the problem. In 2014./2015. Foundation has allocated 38 scholarships to students without one or both parents, and still paing monthly 4000 dinars. Everyday we prepare and deliver 203 meals to most distant places for old and sick people. It has been reconstructed or built ten houses for poor families. In 2014. Foundation spent 73,263.68 dinars for adaptation of housing facility for Dragica Jovanovic Misar. In 2015. we bought a house in the amount of 733,800.00 dinars for a renovation of the object and spent 690,000.00 dinars in addition. Also we approved the one-time financial help for single parents-10 families in the amount of 100,000.00 dinars

Elixir Group has participated in the realisation of the objectives of the Foundation: the construction and renovation of housing units for vulnerable families, providing humanitarian assistance in the purchase and construction of residential buildings for accommodation of socially vulnerable people and to help the elderly and sick. Elixir Group's total cash donated by the Foundation was 4,071,715.00. In addition we help on the daily bases, everyday Elixir company gives their vehicles for the transport of food or material. Last year, The Elixir has donated 3 tons of chicken meat to the poor to help proteges of Human heart.

This activity is long-term because beside described mission of the Foundation and the Elixir Group, this cooperation is concerned as family mission since the Foundation is lead by Ružica Popović and the owner of Elixir Group is her son Stanko Popović. In the Elixir Group employees are mostly members of Popović family, so that it comes more from the partnership. At the same time, the Foundation achieved and other partnerships, such as with the local government of Sabac, and other companies that work in this area as well as many individuals, NGOs, Red Cross and so on.

Between 01.10.2014. up to 01.10.2015. we donated:

2014.- Radoslav Vasic from ablation-home renovation and upgrade of bathroom - 238635.17 din.
2014.- Poleksija Trifković from Slatina-house renovation - 48,848.00 dinars
2014 Sava Zivkovic from Metlić-house renovation - 32,740.32 dinars
2014 Petar Petrović from Tabanovići-house construction - 666,262.55 dinars
2014/15-Nada Sotonica from P.Pričinovića -building - 400,490.52 dinars
2015-Milena Tošković from Sabac-construction bathroom - 65.000,00 RSD
2015-Rajko Ivanović from Majura-repair of the roof - 200,000.00 dinars
2015.- Radovan Jovicic from Sabac- adaptation of the house and repairs after the fire - 100,000.00 dinar
2015-Boban Gajic from Volujac-adaptation of house - 40.000,00 RSD
2015-Dragica Kolarić from Jevremovac-renovation house - 51.000,00 RSD
2015-Zvonko Rudin from Sabac-house adaptation -170,000.00 dinars
2015-Zoran Stojanović from Sabac-home-adaptation 52,000.00 dinars
2015-Zoran Stanimirović from Ševarice-upgrading facilities and construction of bathrooms (in progress) - 35.000,00 RSD

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